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Clown Lincolnshire, Ref: 3133  
Clown: 3133 Clown Lincolnshire, Ref: 3133
Magical Parties Presents Family Entertainment we are able to supply Magic Shows, Ventriloquism, Disco's, Balloons, Games & Prizes. - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Devon, Ref: 651  
Clown: 651 Clown Devon, Ref: 651
Combining Sleight of hand and cheeky humour this magician will take you on an entertainment roller coaster. Taking you from fits of laughter to Wow how did he do that. - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown South Yorkshire, Ref: 2249  
Clown: 2249 Clown South Yorkshire, Ref: 2249
We are a husband and wife team of childrens entertainers available for birthday parties, celebrations, events, playgroups, private or corporate entertainment. - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Kent, Ref: 1120  
Clown: 1120 Clown Kent, Ref: 1120
Number 1 Clowns for Fundays,promotions,Store Promotions, ect. We Have a First class Circus workshop Also. Also Mix n mingle , jugglers ,Magic, plate spinning,Balloons Anmials. - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Lincolnshire, Ref: 2980  
Clown: 2980 Clown Lincolnshire, Ref: 2980
With more than 20 years' experience, this entertainer provides a range of entertainment options that kids of all ages can enjoy. - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Gloucestershire, Ref: 2688  
Clown: 2688 Clown Gloucestershire, Ref: 2688
Fun and friendly female entertainer. Specialising in balloon art, interactive theatre and children's entertainment. Also offering stilt walking characters, glow and fire juggling, circus skills and unique comedy cabaret acts. - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Lincolnshire, Ref: 1673  
Clown: 1673 Clown Lincolnshire, Ref: 1673
If you are looking for kids party entertainment that is packed full of fun and laughter, look no further. Children of all ages love our party entertainment as it captures the timeless appeal of a traditional children’s party mixed with some of the funniest and most original party puppets and Magic you’ll ever see! - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Lincolnshire, Ref: 852  
Clown: 852 Clown Lincolnshire, Ref: 852
Childrens entertainer with a traditional punch and judy fun magic show, balloon animals, silly action songs with guitar, fun and games - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Cleveland, Ref: 3528  
Clown: 3528 Clown Cleveland, Ref: 3528
- For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Bedfordshire, Ref: 3459  
Clown: 3459 Clown Bedfordshire, Ref: 3459
Entertainer, Fire Performer, Balloon Modeller, Stilt Walker, Circus & Arts/Craft Workshops. Milton Keynes based Random Mike has Wowed audiences World Wide. Past clients include: the Duchess of Northumbria, Channel 5 & the BBC. Add a little magic to your event. - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Worcestershire, Ref: 44  
Clown: 44 Clown Worcestershire, Ref: 44
A skilled juggler, stilt walker, clown and general entertainer. Provides characters including a clown, wizard, medieval jester and Victorian gentleman juggler. - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Northamptonshire, Ref: 2844  
Clown: 2844 Clown Northamptonshire, Ref: 2844
The Boogie Box and Magic show for children under 6 years of age, it is very silly with lots of comedy and fun. Magic, Music and the unique pass the parcel machine where everyone gets a prize. The older children love the children’s fun disco. All the latest pop songs mixed with Hula dancing, Limbo contest, the pea brain game and all the well-known party games. - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Lincolnshire, Ref: 652  
Clown: 652 Clown Lincolnshire, Ref: 652
He has many many different costumes for all occassion stilt walking charactors juggling/unicycling. circus skills workshops for 7 to 107 bright costumes fetes.weddings, birthday parties for all ages ,street entertainment e.t.c. - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown  , Ref: 654  
Clown: 654 Clown  , Ref: 654
If you need an entertainer for a children’s party or fun event, the talented this is the man you need. With tricks and skills to make the noisiest kid quiet, you will be delighted to invite him to your do! - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Staffordshire, Ref: 1560  
Clown: 1560 Clown Staffordshire, Ref: 1560
known as the magical clown, and under this guise have been entertaining young and old up and down the country for many years. He performs a variety of acts indoors and out that are constantly being updated - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Cambridgeshire, Ref: 3628  
Clown: 3628 Clown Cambridgeshire, Ref: 3628
Highly experienced Jester available for all Medieval Events and private parties - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Hertfordshire, Ref: 171  
Clown: 171 Clown Hertfordshire, Ref: 171
A professional Childrens Entertainer for All Occasions providing a program of comedy magic, balloons, games, Live Rabbit and Dove, puppets, games and competitions. - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Kent, Ref: 858  
Clown: 858 Clown Kent, Ref: 858
Circus Workshops including, plate spinning, diabolos, juggling, stilt walking, fun wheels and balancing. Also available for balloon modelling and mix and mingle entertainment. - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Nottinghamshire, Ref: 536  
Clown: 536 Clown Nottinghamshire, Ref: 536
If you are looking for a D.J, Professional Childrens entertainer, Punch and Judy Man or just Someone to entertain at your event then you have come to the right place. - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Edinburgh, Ref: 1561  
Clown: 1561 Clown Edinburgh, Ref: 1561
This entertainer provides tailored entertainment to suit your event. and your budget. With clowning, dancing, singing and storytelling She is a versatile entertainer with many years experience. If you need a themed children's party there are so many to choose from, or make up your own theme. - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Leicestershire, Ref: 2740  
Clown: 2740 Clown Leicestershire, Ref: 2740

Clown Buckinghamshire, Ref: 3040  
Clown: 3040 Clown Buckinghamshire, Ref: 3040
One of the areas most well known children's entertainers, coming recommended from hundreds of previous customers, - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Renfrewshire, Ref: 961  
Clown: 961 Clown Renfrewshire, Ref: 961
- For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Buckinghamshire, Ref: 540  
Clown: 540 Clown Buckinghamshire, Ref: 540
Fun, Friendly, Fantastic and other words beginning with f. This brillant entertainer brings joy and merriment to any venue. Skilled juggler with unique skills and able to work with all ages and at any size event. - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown West Yorkshire, Ref: 3658  
Clown: 3658 Clown West Yorkshire, Ref: 3658
Circus show is full of spectacular juggling, plate spinning and magical circus fun. He performs it not only at festivals and large events, but also in rooms, halls and even outdoors if the weather is nice. Parents enjoy the show as much as the children. - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Warwickshire, Ref: 2703  
Clown: 2703 Clown Warwickshire, Ref: 2703
Traditional clown of over 10 years experience. Children's entertainer who specializes in magic shows for young children. Also plays guitar and entertains with traditional children's songs. Good at organizing complete parties and prefers and likes to use traditional party games. - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Lincolnshire, Ref: 1916  
Clown: 1916 Clown Lincolnshire, Ref: 1916
From private party to corporate event Brian will amaze and entertain your guests with a unique form of entertainment that suits all ages. "Full of energy, lots of laughs and good clean magic entertainment for all the family" Brian will ensure your party or event is both special and memorable. - For hire in Lincolnshire

Clown Bristol, Ref: 2211  
Clown: 2211 Clown Bristol, Ref: 2211
We offer circus skill workshops, walkabout and table entertainment, fire shows, glo shows and more! We're experts at stilt-walking, juggling balls, rings and clubs, hulahoop, poi, acrobalance, trapeze and much more. Whatever you need for your event, we can come up with a package to suit you! - For hire in Lincolnshire

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